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4EverGuard NANO-COAT

Spray On Graphene Sealant

4EverGuard NANO-COAT combines ceramic and graphene technology to create the ultimate protective coating for your vehicle. It gives you the durability, shine and protection of a ceramic / graphene coating with the ease of a spray and wipe application. It’s the perfect combination for busy dealership, detail shop and production facilities that need a quality long-lasting coating with an easy application. Once applied to the vehicle, nano graphene particles and ceramics (Si02) bind to the tiny crevices of the paint and cure to a durable, tough coating that protects your paint. The Si02 and graphene barrier will protect your vehicle against bird droppings, environmental fallout, detergents, UV light, road salt, and other harmful contaminants. In addition to protecting your vehicle, G.T.X. will create a shiny, slick, hydrophobic (water beading) surface that will give your vehicle a show car appearance that will last for years.  

Wash & Wax

1 Step Waterless Wash & Wax

DWX is an innovative all-in-one cleaner that lets you quickly clean any hard surface while also adding a long-lasting slick protective layer at the same time. Designed to lift away dirt from the surface, DWX is safe to use on even soft metals like chrome and aluminum as well as glass. Whether it is metal, plastics, marble, glass, tile or even wood, DWX leaves a water and spill resistant, fingerprint resistant finish that helps keep surfaces clean longer, all while restoring natural color and shine. One product, one step, two powerful results.  
Perfect for glass tabletops and stainless steel appliances to not only clean but prevent fingerprints and smudges from easily reoccurring.
Helps restore a smooth and glossy finish to marble and tile surfaces.
Perfect for restoring the luster and shine on older metals and brass.
Protects paints and plastics from oxidation and wear.


Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Air Craft Strength Cleaner for Everyday Purposes.

(Concentrate uses dilution table below)
(RTU diluted at 10 parts water to 1 part product)
Cyclone is a world-class degreaser and heavy duty cleaner built to easily handle the toughest dirt, grease and grime you can throw at it. Built from the ground up using a unique non-caustic formula, Cyclone is safe to use on any hard surface and will not etch or damage tile, grout, plastics, or even soft metals like chrome or aluminum. Engineered to meet or exceed the toughest military and aerospace certifications, you can trust that Cyclone will get the job done the first time, every time. 


Easily Removes Oders.

DLTE is designed to be a true odor eliminator. Where many products are built to mask or cover up odors with fragrance, DLTE actually alters odor molecules in real time to make them imperceptible to humans, leaving a truly odor free, neutral finish. DLTE can be sprayed either in the air, or directly on to problem surfaces to quickly solve even the most troublesome and long-lasting foul smells. Strong enough for the professional cleaning industry, but safe enough for your child’s room, DLTE just works.
Great for pet odors (cat-pans, pet beds, urine, etc.)
Easily eliminate odors from athletic equipment and shoes.
Perfect for waste cans and diaper pails.
Quickly removes odors from the kitchen after cooking.

Velour Carpet Cleaner

Carpet & Upholstry Cleaner & Stain Remover

Velour is a professional grade fabric cleaner and stain remover created to eliminate the need for complicated pretreats or steps. Built to not only clean, but to also restore color and vibrancy, Velour can be used on any fabric or even leather to quickly break apart stubborn stains and works even on areas that have been set in for long periods of time. Whether it is a spot on the couch, a rug, or your entire carpet, Velour gets the job done right.

Banto Ban

Hospital Grade Antimicrobial Cleaner

Bacto Ban is a powerful new take on antibacterial cleaners. Using the professional hospital grade power of not just one, but two separate quaternary solutions and mixing it with the safety and universal cleaning power of a soap, Bacto Ban's unique formula allows you to safely, and effectively clean any surface. Bacto Ban is powerful enough to be used on tough to clean areas, but gentle and safe enough for direct food contact. The exceptional cleaning effect of Bacto Ban works whether you choose to wipe away trouble areas and high-touch surfaces, or simply spray and allow to sit and air-dry to take advantage of the powerful dual-quat blend.  No matter how you choose to use it, you can count on Bacto Ban to create clean and safe environments for you and those you care about.
Bacto Ban is perfect for cleaning any non-porous surface like tabletops, counters, food preparation areas, toilets, showers, and even appliances.

Titania Product


Your treated surfaces scrub the very environment around it leaving only CO2 and H20 (Water)…
Glass and Porcelain: Becomes self-cleaning
Metal: Full prevention of pitting, etching and rust
Carpet: Unmatched stain prevention with no texture change
Plastics and Vinyl: World class elimination of fading and UV damage
All surfaces gain medical grade resistance to bacteria and “superbugs”
Wood, Grout, Tile, Canvas or Stone, ANY surface gains the full benefits of Titania!

In Room Air Purification

N.A.S.A. Technology

Unlike conventional, passive, filtration-based air purifiers, Active Pure works immediately and does not require capture or exposure time. It rapidly and continuously fills a room with virus-neutralizing particles that instantly break viruses down to their component parts, rendering them harmless.” Active Pure surrounds a person with protective virus-inactivating air. 

4EverGuard Electro-Grip Filters

Electro-Static H.V.A.C. Filters

NANO-Carbon particles are electrically charged and applied to the surface of a filter to provide protection form particles as small as viruses. Just simply replace your furnace H.V.A.C. Filters with 4EverGuard's Electro-grip filters and provide the BEST protection a filter can provide.


World's Best Fogger Head

 BY FAR THE BEST FOGGER 4EverGuard knows of on the market and It is POWERED by your choice of proven Power Tool Brands. Adjust your micron size from 10 to 120 microns which is lab tested with certified micron size assurances.  OMNIfogUSA is 
Safe around electronics, and has a 25% or better efficiency over other foggers and electrostatic sprayers, reducing use and cost of products being applied.
Solving the ever challenging problem of how to apply

PLace Holder


   We Stop at Nothing to Stop the Spread. 

Disinfecting Vs. Sanitizing: “Disinfection” is killing over 99% of all germs in the form of pathogens, viruses, fungi, and bacteria. 
        “Sanitizing” will kill some of the germs, but not all of the germs.
                                     "Cleaning"  Removing dirt and other debre from the surface, does not kill germs.

Return to Normal

Once Treated the Tables, Counter Tops, and all other Treated Surfaces will remain Self-Disinfecting for 90 Days.
You may return to cleaning of these surfaces because they disinfect themselves, they just need to be cleaned, just like the old days.

The 4EverGuard approach is a much more Effective Disinfecting Protocol than what is commonly used today in the industry.

In just about every restaurant you can watch the tables be cleaned with a spray of a cleaner and a quick wipe with a rag to clean and shine the table, in under a minute. 

NOTICE: There is no Disinfecting happening there. Disinfecting correctly with a spray liquid is not a spray and wipe procedure. All disinfectants have a dwell time, usually a few minutes at least, not instantly as would be needed for a spray and wipe ascommonly practiced today.

The 4EverGuard advantage is that the Surfaces Remain Self-Disinfecting and Effective as they are kept clean, in this case, to keep things clean, a simple spray and wipe is effective again, just like the old days. 

This goes for every surface that is treated within the Facility: 
Entrance / Waiting Area /Door Handles
Tables / Seats / Countertops / 
Serving Areas / Kitchens
Restrooms / Storage 

With 4EverGuard Systems we Provide:
Self-Disinfecting Surfaces
Daily Cleaners / System Compatible
World Class Air Purifying
 Electro-Grip H.V.A.C. Filters
Application Service
DIY Support
Application Equipment
Training / Support  

    What’s Your Plan for the Next Asymptomatic Covid Customer? 
4EverGuard has a number of Effective Plans to deal with the unknown. 

We Stop at Nothing to Stop the Spread, Neither Should You. 
   Be Ready for the Next Round. 

Products and Services Offered are: 

    • Facilty Disnfecting Service: 4EverGuard provides scheduled facility disinfecting application and on call emergency services. 

• Air Purification Products: In room purification, H.V.A.C. air handler ionizers, and Electro-Grip Nano Carbon Air Fliters. 

• DIY Training: Training and support for DIY business onwers and cleaning companies. 





When serving food is your business, you know the safety of that food is paramount. 4EverGuard® is here to help.

DON GRIFFIN / GM Kayser Automotive Group

One of the things our research prove to us is that there was a product that will kill 99.999% of all viruses....The cool thing is that 4EverGuard has come into our market and allows us a similar protection that the airlines gives their customers...

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