a bit about us

Our most significant advantage is our people. Our employees comply with OSHA standards. They also provide training on safe work procedures and materials handling.

Our highly trained 4EverGuard representatives have been instrumental in the success of our customer service record. Our personnel have the experience, expertise, and resources to complete your project in a timely and professional manner.

4EverGuard Protective Coatings understands 2 things well:

1. Businesses and Families have to be cautious when it comes to viruses. Avoiding quarantine and protecting family members that are elderly or have compromised immune systems is important.

2.  We will take all necessary precautions when we arrive at your business or home.


Our Values



4EverGuard was founded in 2020, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, because of the need for a disinfection and long-term antimicrobial protection company whose product and processes were not hazardous to humans and animals. Jon Rehorst and Bill Cerbe immediately transformed the solely vehicle focused company to a commercially focused one and have been performing many antimicrobial service projects in Wisconsin. Simultaneously, Rehorst and Cerbe recruited some of the most talented professionals in the antimicrobial industry. The combination of process and recruiting best-in-class talent and delivering relentless customer service has yielded remarkable growth. 4EverGuard recently added 4EverGuard Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio, New Mexico, Virginia, Oklahoma, Illinois, and Michigan adding additional talent, resources, and capabilities to the company.



4EverGuard is a world-class property and vehicle antimicrobial protection applicator and product provider. 4EverGuard provides relentless customer service throughout Wisconsin, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio, New Mexico, Virginia, Oklahoma, Illinois, and Michigan. Our goal is to become one of the largest and most respected protective coatings companies in North America. We understand the importance of reducing downtime, minimizing interruptions, and preventing further loss of revenue. Our mission is to immediately and consistently deliver exceptional results whenever you need us. 4EverGuard is always on call.


Company Profile

4EverGuard Protective Coatings specializes in automotive, marine, RV, powersports, hospitals, restaurants, retail facilities, commercial property, HVAC systems, residential and fitness center protection. Our success has been achieved through high-quality standards, solid business ethics, and prompt response to our customers’ needs.